The Church House
25 Wirilda Way
Fish Creek
Victoria 3959

Nestled in South Gippslands’ Hoddle  Ranges, the Church House is a picturesque 2.5hr drive easily accessible from Melbourne via the Monash or South Eastern freeway.

Enter into Wirilda Way and follow through to the end until you see the old church doors.  Please note that the gravel driveway is windy and quite steep but it’s engineering to be perfectly safe.  Avoid stopping on any of the corners, take it slow and steady and you will have no issues.  If you’re ever worried just call us and we will come and get you.

The Church House is located approximately;  7 min drive from  Fish Creek Village; 20min drive to Wilson’s Promontory National Park entrance and 10-30 mins to a wide assortment of surrounding beach depending on your mood.