Green Fingers at The Church House

We were rejoicing in the dawn of Spring last week in our very first blog, and Fish Creek it seems, continues to give us reasons to celebrate. Wildlife Coast Cruises have launched Brianna Lee, the newest member of their fleet. Departing from Port Welshpool, it is another exciting cruise to enjoy around Wilsons Promontory. If sailing the high seas doesn’t tickle your pickle, Promhelis have restarted their scenic flights which thrill the senses and offer the most incredible panoramic views.

While we are big fans of action and adventure here at the Church House, we also like to indulge in retail therapy. October 20th marks the opening of a new craft shop called The HandMakers Store, which promises to deliver some beautiful local pieces – perhaps you will find some Christmas gift inspiration between the walls? Located in The Hub on Falls Road, Fish Creek, we are confident it is going to be a hit.

Vegetables in Basket

Gardening Galore!

Closer to home, the Church House crew have been getting busy in the garden. We have harvested spinach, beetroot, red cabbage, onions, Romanesque and asparagus, all to be prepared simply and enjoyed by our guests. We like to reap what we sow here, so naturally, planting also took place, to compensate for our harvest haul! This week we homed zucchini, capsicum, sweet blue cherry tomatoes, onions and leeks to be picked later in the year. We are salivating already over the endless possibilities of dishes that these beauts will contribute to soon. I, of course, planted another sneaky batch of my favourite basil; indoors this time to ensure I can tap into it by Christmas

Sustainability and resourcefulness are fundamental to us, so we will be putting the prematurely planted onions that we harvested this week to good use in a delicious onion and currant chutney. Yum! Keeping it outdoors, we incorporated a garden walk into our guest experience this week, with Peter leading the group after lunch. He revelled in his newfound tour guide status (self -titled of course) and rightly so given he is an absolute whiz in the garden, and incredibly knowledgeable to boot.

Lots of fun in the Church House this week, and we have been super busy. Funnily enough, though, the result of a full house has not been exhausting but rather invigorating. We are meeting beautiful people, and are thoroughly enjoying the interactions with every one of our guests. Of course, we couldn’t do it without our team, so we want to take this opportunity to say thanks. Until next week.

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