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News from the Church House, Fish Creek

Mary, Peter and Sidney in the grounds In the kitchen garden Our part of South Gippsland has quite distinct seasons and the gradual lengthening nights of autumn leading to the chill of winter brings to the Church House the harvesting of the end of summer crops, the planting of our[…]

Waterfall edited

Chaos and Calm at The Church House

It has indeed been a while since we have last blogged but with good reason! The transition from spring to summer seemed to happen overnight, with a sudden burst of sunshine offering respite from some very consistent rain showers. The lively weather resurrected the garden and caused an explosion of[…]


Green Fingers at The Church House

We were rejoicing in the dawn of Spring last week in our very first blog, and Fish Creek it seems, continues to give us reasons to celebrate. Wildlife Coast Cruises have launched Brianna Lee, the newest member of their fleet. Departing from Port Welshpool, it is another exciting cruise to[...]

Spring Into The New Season At The Church House

There is something incredibly refreshing about Spring. It heralds a time of fresh beginnings and new opportunities to start over. It also provides us with a time of quiet and reflection; to recharge our batteries before the busy season begins, and notice the changes taking place around us. So much[…]